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We are offering the best services in Bhopal as one of the best Detective for several kinds of investigation. Truth and dare detective provides services like Corporate Detectives, Cyber Crime Detective, Employee Verification Services, Labor Cases Detectives, Missing Person Detective, Personal Detective, Phone Surveillance, Pre/Post Matrimonial Detective, and Surveillance Detectives in Bhopal. Bhopal has criminal records and for solving these cases we have advanced devices which include hidden cameras, Video recorder, surveillances etc. Our investigation has ability to solve any critical cases within the time limit. Our teams are highly experienced and they handle every case with lots of care. Bhopal is also known as the place where any accident can happen without any prediction.

Corporate Detectives

Our Corporate Detectives agencies are in Bhopal and we are highly engaged in solving these corporate investigation. This corporate investigation is necessary for the risk which can arise any time and lead to the great loss in corporate sectors


Cyber Crime Detective

We are offering the best agencies as Cyber Crime detective in Bhopal. Today computer has captured whole world and also now it is related with crime in Bhopal now these Cyber crime is highly intense and therefore it requires a complete and satisfied investigation


Employee Verification

We are one of the leading detectives for Employee verification in Bhopal. For Employee Verification Detective Agency it is very important to be very careful and active for each step our work starts with the Doubt Clarification


Labor Cases Detective

We are one of the best and recognized Labor Cases Detective in Bhopal. Truth and dare private detective known for the best performer in labour cases as we are using advanced devices and the we are putting all efforts


Missing Person Detective

Our Truth and dare private agency has been made a niche in the field of Missing Person Detective investigation in Bhopal. Our Investigation starts from the main place from where the person has been missing and then we are starting the


Personal Detective

Personal Detective Agency in Bhopal has to be very active and should have great experience as we are providing the experts in Personal detective investigation. Personal investigation always starts from the point from where it can happen. We have teams which are highly engaged in such cases and through them we are


Phone Surveillance

We are Mobile Phone Surveillance Agency in Bhopal help our clients so that they can get the right judgments. Cell Phone Surveillance is very helpful in all types of investigation as this makes the work little easier. Through the Phone


Surveillance Detectives

Our surveillance detective in Bhopal makes the investigation up to the mark as we are continuously working. Our Surveillance Detectives Services keep eyes on any person or any vehicle smartly and keep the track of the outdoor activities related to


Under Cover Detective

Truth and dare private detective Bhopal is expert in Under cover detective. Sometimes it becomes clear during the course of an investigation that the only way to find either the source or the extent of the problem within the organization


Pre Matrimonial Detective

It is known that pairs are made in heaven and it’s a faithful relationship but now a day we are highly engaged in knowing the fact behind the fact. The saying is not true for someone who has been facing marriage crisis. With the growing fraud cases in Pre marriage investigation


Post Matrimonial Detectives

In Post Matrimonial Detective Only one agency has expertise that is Truth and Dare Detective Pvt Ltd in Bhopal. The areas like Bhopal there are cases which are at the stage of compromise because of fewer evidences. In the Post Matrimonial Detective there is lots of information is required to be analyzing throughout the case. In the post marriage investigation,


Post Employee Verification

Truth and Dare Detective Pvt Ltd is well specialized in Post Employee Verification in Bhopal. Post Employee Verification is one of the most important works for any successful company. Hiring candidates without post employee verification can be a huge mistake


Copyright & Patent Solution

Truth and Dare Detective Pvt Ltd is one of the foremost and best Copyright & Patent Solution in Bhopal. As we have an experienced investigation teams which are able to trap the suspected activities of counterfeiter and their agents to identify the subspecies product/manufacturing units, distributors and wholesalers and obtain evidences


Wealth Verification Services

Truth and Dare Detective Pvt Ltd is one of the top and best private detective agency for the wealth verification Services in Bhopal. Wealth verification Services are important in every aspect and this makes the company much successful in less period of time. Our investigation team has expertise in this wealth verification Services.


Divorce Case

Truth and dare Detectives Pvt Ltd is top Divorce Case Detective in Bhopal. Divorce Case Detective to deal with such unwanted issue of the society such as Divorce Case Investigation Truth and Dare Detective Pvt Ltd has initiated an individual unit. Once either of the spouses suspects something fishy against each other or when they simply cannot live together because of intense indifference or misconduct they file for divorce


Handwriting Authentication

Handwriting authentication is very important and Truth and dare Detectives Pvt Ltd in Bhopal has great expertise and also experience. We never believe on the manipulated result this is the specialty of our work our clients are free to get all the reports of case progress. Handwriting authentication is one of the best features to get the hidden information


Video Monitoring

Truth and dare Detectives Pvt Ltd is providing the services like Video Surveillance/Video Monitoring in Bhopal. We have experience Investigators which keep a close eye on various personal activities and the professional activities also by using the latest and advanced devices such as surveillance cameras & vehicles.


Professional Advice

Truth and dare Detectives Pvt Ltd is one of the best Professional advice services providers in Bhopal. Our Unique Consultancy /Professional Advice in Bhopal make our clients to feel comfortable and relaxed. Our Unique consultancy provides best advice and the solutions are for sure this is the reason we are getting so much appreciation from our clients.


Audio Recording

Truth and dare Detectives Pvt Ltd provides the best services that are Audio Recording in Bhopal. Through this audio recording there are several cases which become solve in very short period of time and also it includes lots of verification but the best thing of this audio recording is that it makes the cases very simple and strong and any one can easily come to the final stage of the cases.


Anti Bug Services

Truth and dare Pvt. Ltd is providing the Anti Bug Services in Bhopal and this Anti Bug services required great experiences and the expertise and also the result should be up to date. In this Anti Bug Services makes a confidential meeting for any investigation so that the evidences are well maintain.


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